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Businesses can please parents when they need the convenience of a baby changing station.Attracting customers to your business is only the first step. Finding ways to impress your customers is how you can retain their business long term. When it comes to customer satisfaction, you can stay ahead of your competition by considering the less obvious wants or needs of your customers.

What about customers who have young children or babies? Parents are sure to appreciate accommodations that relieve the stress that comes with caring for children in public areas.

No matter the type of establishment, you can offer amenities or additional services that will impress parents and earn their repeat business.

Here are five ways to make a lasting impression on parents visiting your business.

Provide Baby Changing Stations in Female and Male Restrooms

Almost all parents can relate to the anxiety that comes with diaper changes in public. Babies aren’t patient, nor do they wait for an opportune time to soil their diapers. At any moment, children can be in desperate need of a diaper change, which is why it’s important that your facility offer functional and clean baby changing stations in both the women’s and men’s restrooms.

Changing stations for parents.Businesses with baby changing stations only in their women’s restrooms are missing a huge opportunity to win over today’s parents and single dads. Fathers parent too, and need a little help to do it right, especially when they are visiting restaurants, malls and parks with their infant or toddler.

Baby changing stations come in a variety of sizes, both compact and full, and in different materials like polyethylene or stainless steel. Different orientations allow for installations in tighter quarters. Whatever the needs of your business, Foundations is sure to have a changing station that works.

Providing and Maintaining High Quality Feeding Chairs

For those in food service, this tip might seem like a no-brainer because most eateries have a high chair offering. But the quality of your high chairs will matter to parents and reflect on the value of your business.

Feeding chair for child.Damaged high chairs that have been in use for years could end up leaving a worse impression than no high chairs at all. If units are damaged, stained or missing critical components, it’s time to consider replacements. Foundations offers feeding chairs with a timeless design made of durable hardwood, with easy to clean high-gloss finishes and restraints made from a smooth thermoplastic polyurethane coated webbing.

High chair safety standards are also known to change periodically. In 2019, new rules will be in place that call for better harnesses and improved stability. Maintaining high chairs and ensuring they meet current safety regulations may seem like a trivial responsibility compared to running a hospitality or food service business – but your attention to this detail will matter greatly to visiting parents.

On-Site Child Care Can Put You a Step Above the Rest

If you’re ready to go above and beyond for your visiting parent customers, then look after their little ones while they are in your establishment. Have you ever had to run even a few errands with a baby in tow? If so, you are well aware of the multi-tasking challenges you can face.

Whether a parent is trying to get in a quick workout at the gym or buy a few essentials at the grocery store, making seemingly simple trips can feel rushed and exhausting. Businesses that are willing to offer a break from parenting responsibilities while patrons check items off their to do lists can leave a huge, lasting impression.

While babysitting services will have costs, it’s a distinguishable competitive advantage for the business of parents with infants and toddlers.

Toys and Televisions Help Occupy and Distract Waiting Children

Waiting rooms can be boring, dull places for babies and toddlers, especially if they must wait longer than expected due to delayed appointments.

Games for kids.Professional service and medical offices can ease the burden of entertaining families with young children by making toys and televisions available. Whether or not your business focuses on children, catering to parents must tote little ones along to appointments shows great empathy and support.

However, its important to keep toys clean and functional for all guests. Daily sanitation of kids toys is crucial to keeping germs at bay in a busy office.

Family-Friendly Promotions Help Attract More Guests

Restaurants that roll out family-friendly promotions or special kids’ nights instantly have a leg up on the competition. If a family is planning an easy, weeknight dinner outing, they are much more likely to choose a restaurant that is promoting a kid’s special or offering some type of family deal.

Nights where kids eat for free or their meals are half off can go a long way in attracting families who might otherwise not patronize your eatery. You’re also likely to find that the extra foot traffic easily overcomes any profit-loss concerns.

Additional considerations like children’s menus with games or coloring pages help distract impatient young guests and give parents a chance to relax and enjoy dinner.

Foundations understands your business must stand out and impress customers while also meeting a variety of patron needs. As experts in pleasing your littlest customers and their parents, we offer a wide selection of safe, reliable childcare products for businesses.

Contact Us or call 877-716-2757 to learn more about our products, including baby changing stations.

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