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Hospitality establishments want to offer guests as many comforts as possible, ensuring they enjoy their stay and return in the future. One key demographic in hospitality is family tourism. According to a recent article in the Journal of Tourism Futures, family tourism is a rapidly growing market segment which accounts for roughly 30 percent of the leisure travel market worldwide. Forty-four percent of millennial parents travel with their children according to statistics from Travel Agents Central.

Companies have the opportunity to build brand loyalty by providing high-quality cribs and other childcare amenities to guests with children. Parents and caregivers depend on their selected hospitality establishment to provide amenities like cribs, high chairs and play yards for the care of their young children while traveling. High-quality child-care amenities are essential for hotels competing for family bookings.

What should hotels expect from high-quality cribs to provide the highest level of guest satisfaction and ease of when providing when staying at a hotel? Safety, comfort and convenience are vital characteristics of hospitality cribs.

Hotel Crib Safety

Foundations quality hotel crib Innovative design with flush hinges prevents clothing catches or finger pinches

The most important attribute of any crib, whether in a home or for commercial use, is safety. A quality crib offered by any hotel should provide safety and security for tiny tenants while their parents enjoy a worry-free night of rest.

Whether steel or wooden, hospitality cribs should provide safe environments free of potential hazards. Design details such as flush hardware eliminate possible sharp edges and keep tiny toes and fingers safe. Cribs like The Royale™ and the Foundations’ Hideaway™ model are constructed with hinges level to the wood to keep clothes and fingers from getting caught.

Crib safety is also the responsibility of the establishment’s staff as cribs should be regularly inspected before and after each guest use. Regular inspections can help mitigate any problems that may arise when cribs are in daily circulation.

Comfortable Hospitality Cribs

Foundations InfaPure™ mattresses provide the ultimate in comfort and support

While safety is the most important aspect to every baby crib, comfort is high on the priority list for guest satisfaction. Your hotel’s ability to mimic the comfort of an at-home nursery will help babies rest peacefully throughout their stay.  A well-rested baby means a well-rested, happy parent.

Foundations’ cribs include an InfaPure™ mattress for increased comfort and quality.  The dense virgin foam of these mattresses provides the ultimate in support and comfort. Foundations bind and stitch the mattress edges to prevent moisture from passing through and the antimicrobial vinyl provides superior hygiene. Infapure™ mattresses have no chemically added flame retardants so babies can breathe clean, uncontaminated air while sleeping.

InfaPure™ mattresses are made to fit Foundations cribs perfectly. To prevent safety issues crib mattress must fit snugly, leaving room for no more than two fingers between the mattress and the crib. With a custom mattress, guests and hotel managers know the hotel cribs provide a safe space for the smallest travelers.

Hotels can communicate these safety features to guests in literature or upon check-in so that they appreciate the extra steps you take to keep their children safe and comfortable.

Make Your Staff’s Lives Easier: Commercial Crib Storage & Portability

Foundations quality hotel cribs foldable and portable Maneuverable cribs with high-quality castors make delivery and storage a cinch: saving your housekeeping and facilities teams time

The best hotel cribs provide at-home safety and comfort to families in a convenient design for establishments. All four of Foundations’ hospitality crib models – steel and wood – can be quickly and easily folded for compact transport and storage. They feature non-marking, ultra-quiet 4-inch casters that won’t damage floors or disturb guests. Additionally, two of the four crib casters feature locking mechanisms for added security.

Foundation’s steel cribs are constructed using a 360-degree welding process for long-lasting strength. Durable materials and non-porous finishes allow for easy cleaning and eliminate grooves and wells that are more prone to collect dirt and germs. Stee cribs include the classic  StowAway™ and Pinnacle™ models. Custom fit crib covers are also available for purchase to keep cribs clean and ready to use while in storage. These features save the housekeeping team time and guarantee every guest will receive a clean crib every time.

Regardless of your facility’s size or unique needs, Foundations can provide a line of hotel-friendly cribs sure to satisfy your smallest guests and their travel-exhausted parents.

Contact Us or call 877-716-2757 to learn more about our products, including cribs for hospitality.

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