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Hotels offer guests great perks like cribs.To stand out in the sea of hospitality options, hotels must extend their amenities beyond an ice machine and free Wi-Fi. While that may be enough to satisfy a professional traveling for work, a vacationing family requires a different set of conveniences to provide an enjoyable stay.

To meet the needs of all, hotels should aim to provide amenities that ease typical travel tension while also promoting a fun, entertaining atmosphere for kids. Offering a combination of necessary comforts coupled with stress-relieving extras for parents will create a lasting impression for every family member.

1. Hotel Cribs

You have likely encountered a few demanding guests in the hospitality business. Often, the neediest of those travelers are also the smallest. As any parent can attest – caring for babies requires a lot of stuff, from supplies to furniture and equipment.

By providing cribs, your staff can meet the needs of families traveling with infants. Whether your establishment offers wooden and steel cribs to guests, you’re providing an environment which mimics a baby’s at-home nursery. This will help both the child and parents feel more comfortable while relieving the stress of being away from home.

High-quality cribs and mattresses denote a first-class establishment and are more likely to produce a happy, well-rested family. Other equipment, like play yards, offer a flexible “down time” solution for parents.

Well-designed cribs make everyone more comfortable, including your employees. Wooden and steel hospitality cribs should quickly fold for better storage and include casters for smooth and quiet mobility. Both features are essential for quick and easy moves and delivery for your housekeeping team.

2. High Chairs for Hotels

Infant and toddler feeding chairs are another necessity that hotels can offer families when traveling. High chairs can also be useful for more than just feeding.

Parents with squirmy babies and toddlers couldn’t survive meal time without a high chair! Feeding seats are an obvious amenity in your hotel restaurants and cafes. But have you considered providing families with an in-room high-chair? Guests can use high chairs when visiting hotel restaurants or throughout their stay in private rooms.

Models should be equipped with an adjustable buckle and a no-tip base to maximize safety. Staff will appreciate seat features that allow for easier cleaning and storage, like impermeable straps and stackable, space-saving designs.

3. Hotels with Pool-Side Movie Screens

While providing a comfortable stay is your primary goal, establishments are differentiating themselves with entertainment experiences. Hotels that help parents amuse energetic children are certain to win repeat business.

If you want to get the attention of traveling families, a pool or beachside movie screen is something guests will remember. An on-site movie will give exhausted families an opportunity to relax and can generate additional food and drink sales for your hotel.

4. Hotel Arcades

Families looking to pacify bored children will appreciate entertainment options they can access anytime.

Arcades and game rooms have been hotel mainstays for a long time and are a great way to keep young guests happily occupied. Filling your arcade with a mix of contemporary favorites and old classics will ensure that guests of all ages can find a game to enjoy.

Another hidden benefit? Even if the profitability is minimal, arcades are one of the few amenities that see a return on investment.

5. Accredited Babysitting Provided by Hotels

Even on family vacations, parents need a break. When they do, your establishment can be the hero with on-site, accredited babysitting.

Many resort hotels offer programs for school-age kids but offering in-room babysitting can help parents with infants and toddlers enjoy some alone time as well.

If babysitting isn’t an amenity offered by the hotel, simply having a list of outside child care agencies can be a big help.

6. Resort Waterparks

Do you want your establishment to be known as a family-friendly destination? Having pool waterslides or even a small waterpark on-site can be very enticing for families researching their next getaway.

Nothing is more appealing to kids than traveling through the twists and turns of waterpark slides on their way to a splashing finale. Waterslides take an ordinary pool and turn it into hours of entertainment for guests of all ages.

Additional pool attractions like a wave function or splash zones can also add to the excitement.

7. Hotels with In-Suite Baby Rooms

Comforting a restless baby in an unfamiliar environment can lead to a sleepless night for the whole family. Some higher-end hotels have attached baby rooms for added room and convenience.

Additional equipment like larger, more comfortable cribs and rocking chairs can help ease a cranky infant. A separate baby area also allows parents and other children the freedom to stay active into the nighttime hours without worrying about waking sleeping babies.


Foundations is your total solution for cultivating the ultimate family-friendly hospitality environment. Whether it’s an obvious necessity or an unexpected perk, traveling families will always appreciate accommodations that satisfy their unique needs.

As the world leader in hotel cribs, play yards, high chairs and more, our relentless commitment to safety, innovation and quality has made Foundations the brand you can rely on. Contact Us or call 877-716-2757 to learn more about our hospitality products.


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