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Implement Daycare Cot Safety through Cleanliness and Storage

There are many factors to consider when running a safe and efficient childcare business where the well-being of young children is your top priority. Foundations recognizes the stress that comes with regularly caring for groups of children, which is why we developed Podz™ cots to help relieve some of the burden from your shoulders.

The innovative designs of our equipment provide better alternatives to outdated and potentially dangerous cot models, while smarter configurations offer ease of cleaning and storing.

Improving Child Cot Safety

Poorly conceptualized cot designs give way to a variety of safety concerns. Many traditional models are crafted using an outer steel frame and tightly woven mesh netting for the sleeping surface.

However, this type of design makes children more susceptible to having their hands, arms and feet caught in the gap between the metal frame and the mesh netting. The gap between the frame and sleeping surface can also widen after prolonged use, increasing the safety risks over time.

Toddler Cots - No Gap Ends No Gaps

Another potential hazard can arise when the mesh netting on many standard cots begins to unstitch or fray over time. Not only does this weaken the cot’s stability but sleeping children could be scraped or scratched by loose, sharp netting.

No Fray Toddler Cots No Frays

Foundations’ Podz™ cots remove safety concerns with intuitive construction. Our cots do not have any exposed hems, which eliminates fraying. Since there are no gaps between the frame and sleep surface, other injury risks are greatly diminished.

Keeping Your Daycare Cots Clean and Sanitary

Clean and sanitary equipment is a necessity in any childcare environment as germs can spread rapidly.

Cots can retain dirt and dust, specifically in the well cavities of most traditional models. These areas can be difficult to clean because of their deep and narrow design. If a daycare has dozens of cots that require daily wipe-downs, the process of cleaning and disinfecting these well cavities can prove tedious and time-consuming.

Toddler Cots with No Wells No Wells

Podz™ are designed to remove these hard-to-reach areas. The cot legs do not feature wells, so they can be effortlessly wiped and sanitized. Sleep surface fabric is comfortable and easy to clean, allowing caregivers to disinfect cots regularly.

Daycare establishments that want to minimize the spread of germs can outfit their Podz™ with Cozyfit™ sheets made specially for the Podz™ cots. Cozyfit™ sheets are designed to fit snuggly over the cot for added comfort and improved cleanliness.  

Daycare Cot Storage Offers Space-Saving Convenience

Storing childcare equipment can be challenging as space is often limited in daycare centers. Cots can take up large amounts of space, especially if they cannot be stacked together.

A significant advantage of Foundation’s Podz™ cots is the stackable design, which allows dozens of cots to be stacked and stored without consuming vital space in a facility. Stacking 20 Podz™ cots only measures two feet high, saving more space than other cot models. The optional Podz™ cot carrier has four industrial strength caster wheels, making it easy to store and maneuver up to 50 cots at a time.

Toddler Cot Storage Solutions Superior "Stackability"

Taking into account durability, cleanliness and storage, Foundations designed and developed the Podz™ childcare cot system without sacrificing any important features. Although it may be impossible for you to completely relax during naptime, Foundations is confident that our Podz™ cots can help eliminate any of your unnecessary worries while your troupe of little ones sleep soundly and comfortably.

Foundations childcare products meet the unique demands of commercial environments while giving caregivers the ability to provide the highest quality of care. Contact Us or call 877-716-2757 to learn more about our products, including Foundations’ Podz™ cots.

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