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Safety at child care centers includes cribs and other equipment.

If you operate a child care center, you understand how certain pieces of equipment are necessary for running a safe, successful operation.

Your tiny patrons depend on educated caregivers and smart equipment investments to keep them secure and protected. Child care equipment, like high chairs and cribs, should streamline routines for your staff. While also providing safety and comfort to the children, toddlers, and newborns you care for daily.

No matter the size of your child care center, these six equipment choices are essential for success.

1. Child Care Cribs and Mattresses

As an integral component of your child care center’s infant area, commercial cribs should promote safety, comfort, and functionality.

When selecting the right cribs for your business, consider models that can easily be converted to an evacuation crib with a kit. These cribs feature improved safety features like sturdy caster wheels and easy grip handles, which allow for easier mobility in the event of an emergency.

To make busy days more efficient for your infant teachers, look for cribs with clear view end panels. Cribs with 360-degree visibility give caregivers an unobstructed view of sleeping or resting babies, which makes overseeing a room full of infants much easier.

Selecting a crib mattress is a weighty decision as well. Comfortable crib mattresses can promote calm and relaxation while infants are away from the familiarity of home. Keep those babies content and safe with mattresses free of unnecessary chemicals, like flame retardant additives. Mattresses, like Infapure, are made of virgin foam, providing a naturally safe cushion.

2. Multi-Child Daycare Strollers

Safeguarding your center’s children is a top priority – whether inside your facility or out for a stroll with four kids. The right multi-child stroller can make outdoor adventures enjoyable for both the passengers and the operator.

For safety, strollers should be equipped with a braking system that allows operators to bring strollers to an immediate stop when necessary. Foundation’s SafeBreak™ system is instantly engaged when the braking handle is released, bringing the stroller to a quick stop if separated from the caregiver. Never worry about runaway strollers on hills, or during an emergency again.

Whatever the size of your daycare facility, Foundations has you covered with multi-seat strollers that fit anywhere from two to six children—something to take into account when considering staffing needs for outdoor excursions. Your caregivers can easily transport and supervise many children with confidence.

When outfitting your child care center with strollers, consider the equipment’s storage convenience before purchasing. Any daycare-friendly stroller will incorporate collapsible functionality for compact storage and portability.

3. Daycare Storage Units

Equipment that is convenient and saves time for employees also improves their ability to care for your center’s children. Less conspicuous items, like storage units, can often make a big impact on the productivity of your daycare team.

Whether shelving is used to store daycare necessities or children’s belongings, thoughtfully placed and well-organized storage units increase your center’s efficiency and functionality.  Parents also like it when our storage systems have a cubby for each children’s spare diapers, change of clothes, and toys.

Of course, if any shelving or storage units are within reach of curious children, the proper safety precautions should be taken. Anchoring furniture to walls and installing locks on cabinet doors might be necessary depending on the equipment location and contents.

4. Children’s Cots

Outside of your infant room, cots are your facility’s go-to equipment for little nappers. As a daily workhorse for your toddler through preschool rooms, this equipment must be durable, sanitary and fast to set-up/put-away.

Although cots may not seem inherently dangerous, certain design features could pose a risk, especially after wear from daily use. Look for cots that use anti-fraying material, as well as designs that eliminate gaps or wells where tiny arms and legs could get caught.

Additionally, cots that are easily wiped clean after use or extended stays in storage will improve efficiency and cleanliness.

5. Toddler Step Stools

Little ones will need a step up to reach sinks, counters and other areas throughout the day.

Standard stepping stools can do the job but may lack added safety features for small children still mastering their coordination skills.

A wide base and nonslip legs will help prevent a step stool from tipping. Some stools are equipped with higher, supportive frames that act as a handle to lessen the chance of a fall. Step stools with nonslip treads are especially useful in bathrooms.

6. Child Care Feeding Chairs

Mealtime at your child care center can be controlled or chaotic. Having helpful equipment, like high-quality feeding chairs, and a good room layout will make all the difference.

Each unit should be equipped with a secure harness or belt and a base that will keep the chair from tilting or falling, even if tasked with containing a hungry baby who isn’t sitting still.

Feeding chairs, like Foundations’ Secure Sitter Premier, adjusts to 4 different heights and allows children, of all ages, to self-load with minimal assistance from your teachers. Ease of cleaning should play a big part in feeding chair selection too. Look for smooth surfaces, minimal wells and straps that won’t trap or absorb liquid.

Running a daycare facility takes a massive amount of expertise, organization and supplies, not to mention love. While each center will have different needs based on size or location, purchasing high quality equipment will set your employees up for success and ensure a safe environment for children.

Foundations child care products meet the safety demands of commercial environments while giving caregivers the ability to provide excellent care. Contact Us or call 877-716-2757 to learn more about our products, including essential child care equipment.

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