SleepFresh Cribs & Covers

Clean. Safe. Affordable. Convenient.

Play yards in hotels have been challenging to keep clean and sanitized... until now. SleepFresh crib covers may be laundered after each guest to provide a fresh and comfortable sleep environment. High-quality, ultra-soft, wrinkle resistant microfiber fabric withstands repeated washings in your linen laundering protocol. Optional SleepFresh ribbons are available to remind guests their baby will sleep in a clean, fresh play yard.

Clean. Safe. Affordable. Convenient.

SleepFresh cribs are compliant to new mandatory play yard safety standards. Designed for a perfect fit on Foundations® SleepFresh play yards, SleepFresh covers eliminate loose fabrics that cause suffocation hazards, and do not conceal required safety labels. The patented fastening system ensures the cover will remain securely in place and is intuitive to install.

Clean. Safe. Affordable. Convenient.

Hoteliers need an economical solution to play yard hygiene.
Crib covers include an integrated mattress sheet eliminating the
purchase of additional bedding. SleepFresh cribs & covers deliver
a positive guest experience through superior hygiene and safety
at an affordable cost.

Clean. Safe. Affordable. Convenient.

SleepFresh crib covers exclusively fit Foundations NEW SleepFresh cribs.
SleepFresh cribs may also be used without SleepFresh crib covers.

SleepFresh Crib Covers

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